You can’t blame me
For being scared of love
I was once stabbed
I don’t want another deep wound
My heart hasn’t healed completely.

Why does it hurt
Even if I don’t love you yet?
What more will I feel?
How much pain will come real
If I already claimed I love you?

I’m a fool
Why are you so nice
Yet so painful
You greet me when I need you
You leave me when I want you.

I’m a coward
I am so scared
This heart of mine will stop bleeding
If you confirm anything
Because I don’t have the courage to say I love you.

I’d be jumping with joy
If you’d say you love me too
But I’d be frozen to death
Because I ain’t ready yet
These feelings are so ambivalent.

I’d stop following your shadow
If you’d say you don’t feel the same
My heart would stop trembling
Please move away and don’t look at me
I’ll be crying alone until there’s no more tear left to fall.

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