Dear Brother

You act like a fool
You move and act cool
You jump whenever you want
You laugh even when you’re cut.

People judge you
They think you’re serious
They thought all you wanted is to tease
All you care is to mess.

Don’t sob, I’m here
Don’t cry, I’m near
Don’t pout, I care
I’ll be here, your sister.

You say, we grow old
We may never be together forever
I say, one day you’ll fin love
One day, you’ll find my replacement.

Look for the girl
Who wouldn’t see you as a fool
Instead she’d make you her inspiration
A prince of admiration.

She’d appreciated your good deeds
She’d prevent you from doing bad things
A girl who wouldn’t tease you when you’re wrong
The one who will support you when you’re helping others.

Dear brother
Go find a girl
A girl who wouldn’t judge you
The way other’s would.

Go find her
And make her stay
Let her love you
More than the way you wanted her to.

Because this lucky girl
Will find a diamond in your heart
Shining like a star
Brighter than the sun.

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