Different Worlds

Heavy floral fragrances
Distant scent of the ocean
My life is bright beside you
Contented, since I met you.

Emotions, these sensations
I loved it and hated it
Because it sounds romantic
I don’t understand, it can’t be.

I find myself smiling
I wish it’s a fairytale
As I think of you in real life
We have things to learn in life.

As reality struck
Joy and untold happiness
With that gentle smile
You’re making me blush but hurt.

We barely know each other
We live in different worlds
I hate to think you’re leaving
That love was impossible.

As I think a lot of you
A gentle kiss captured me
I know you can’t stay here
I shook my head, how can this work?

I don’t want to go back home
And never see you again
Can you feel my heart beating?
How much I care about you?


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