Such a Fool

Such a fool
I have known you first
Yet you’ve chosen someone else
I don’t need a guy like you.

Such a jerk
I have given too much effort
Have given up enough for a sacrifice
Yet I was only ignored
I don’t need someone like you.

So ignorant
Of how I really feel about you
Yet so sensitive
To what I would like to imply
You’re really making this hard on me
I don’t need you.

So oblivious
Of every heartbeat of mine for you
I guess enough is enough
Let’s stop this game
I don’t have to bear everything for you
There’s only one thing to keep in mind
I can’t have you.

You know what
This is really ironic
And very hard on me
I don’t need you
But it doesn’t mean you don’t need me
It seems like I can’t let go
And tell you
You’re on your own.

But I’m so sorry
I guess you have to be prepared
Trained enough
And convince yourself
I will not always be by your side
I am not like someone else
Who would enjoy taking other’s role on your story
I do care
But I am not the one that should be concerned
And attend to your every needs.

But if you need someone to talk to
Someone to lean on
A shoulder to cry on
You know where to find me.

I am the jerk
Who would come running
Who would not care if it hurts
Just to see you smile again.


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