A Lover’s Farewell

I was sitting on my bed
Trying to think of things unsaid,
Thought of you somehow tonight
Bid farewell to you this night.

I thought of setting you free,
I don’t know how, but you’ll see,
You deserve someone better,
Better than I, I surrender

I’m not a big time millionaire
Nor this so called money maker,
I’m not a musician or a painter
Not even a model or baker.

I’m just a lonely poet
Trying to write a clean set,
A novelist that has tarnished
Stories untold and not finished.

Truly, I can’t make a brilliant poem,
It takes time to bring me back home,
But honesty, I did a breakthrough
Because I only did them for you.

Thank you for your company,
The road seemed not so bumpy,
I have known a lot since I met you,
My heart, all you did is to rescue.

Yesterday and today,
For a very short time I say,
I have known to love again and be hurt
And now, to set you free, I assert.

I don’t want to ruin destiny’s tale,
I’ll be on my way and set sail,
I still want to be your friend,
I don’t want things like this to end,

I have tried so many times
To ignore you sometimes,
To say I have already forgotten you,
To move away, I put on my shoe.

But the truth is, I’m making lies,
Truths hoping to start from lies,
Until I have come to this point
Where I wish to put down my ballpoint.

You’re slowly fading away
But I want to thank you anyway,
I don’t want to prolong the pain
That caused our hearts in vain.

The only thing I wanted to do
Is to bid farewell to you,
I wish you all the best
For the girl where your heart will rest.

The one who will make music
To calm the heart who’s sick,
A rich painter who’d draw your smile,
Walk with you on the church’s aisle.

The one who won’t turn you down,
Shout your name around town,
Show your efforts were very important,
When you’re with her it’s so vibrant.

I would pray to dear Lord
On this ship when I aboard,
Take care of this mellow soul,
Guide him to open the right keyhole.


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