Proposed 2016 Philippine Pavilion

Proposed 2016 Philippine Pavilion

Before everything else, let me explain to you what World Exposition means. World Exposition or world expo for short, is a very large public exhibition. There are a number of countries competing for different categories. Each year, they set out a theme which will guide the competitors on what to exhibit. And these type of contest can be held in any country, depending on who wins the bid.

The Expo 2012 was hosted by Yeosu, South Korea where in the Philippines won 2 gold medals for most creative exhibit and best theme development. And luckily, the Philippines is the only country to walk away with two gold.

Now, this coming 2016, the World Expo theme would be flowers and children. But it doesn’t mean that the exterior must follow the same theme. It is best to use a design the will symbolize the country.

I guess by now you were asking, why design for the World Expo 2016 since I’m just a newly graduate architecture student? Well, that is because I am tasked to do so. I am trying to apply for the Buensalido Architects in Makati, Philippines. And 10% of their criteria for employment is the marketing. So that’s why I’m having this blog entry, and that’s also why I need your help.

I am very much thankful if you would like my entry on facebook. You can see my design here: click here.

And I would very much appreciate it if you also share it to your friends.

In advance, thank you very much for your kind help. God bless you! 🙂

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