When She Departed

Funny how things were very unclear.  It all happened five years ago… when the rain stopped pouring, the clouds forgot to block the sun, tears were needed to take a courageous step, and goodbye became the only reason to see tomorrow.  The pain is inevitable.  It kept crawling back.  After all the things that were said and done, after making things right again without getting back together… the heartache is still there.

She wanted to ask too many questions…

“Did you ever think about me when I was gone?”

“Did you regret not having me?”

“Did you look for me?”

“What kind of effort have you done to get me back?  Or did you ever want to get me back?”

“How did you move on so fast?”

“How much did you love me?”

… but after 60 months of moving on… is it still right to ask these things to him?  Well, that’s what she thought.  And these words will only be written, not spoken.  ‘Coz the fear of knowing the truth might be harder to accept than forgetting he was once a part of her.


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