Crying My Heart Out

Dearest people of the universe who’s reading this, I’m sorry for taking up your time, but right now, I just want to cry my heart out… because I JUST WATCHED TRANSCENDENCE! haha! sorry for that.
Well, really, I’m crying right now.
It’s so amazing to see someone who can love you ’till the day they die… and can even love you more on their next “computer” life.

“I have spent my entire life with my projects, now I want to spend the rest with you.” – Dr. Will Caster, talking to Evelyn while preparing for his death.

It’s pretty amazing to know someone could actually fulfill his promise, even after his death.  After knowing that he’s going to die soon, he disposed his ideals and focused on what his wife wants.

“My wife has always been eager to change the world. But I’ll just settle for understanding it first.” – Dr. Will Caster on his presentation speech.

Who doesn’t want to change the world into a better place?  It’s a good perception to help other people, that’s what Evelyn always wanted to do.  And I am pretty much fascinated by how Will simply wants to invent, to discover, to learn.  Maybe that’s why they’re a perfect match, because one invents, and the other one looks for its application.

“Why did you lose faith?” – Dr. Will Caster on Evelyn after she ran away.

Who wouldn’t?!  Since he became a robot, all you could think off is that he’s not Will, he’s just Pinn, disguised as Will.  But as the story grows, you’ll have doubts.  Maybe it’s 50% Will, 50% Pinn.  But at the end, it was really Will, and that’s when I cried a lot.  Because even after his wife doubted him, he remained loyal.  All he ever wanted to do is to fulfill her dreams.  He never wanted to start an apocalypse, he never killed somebody.  Since from the start, up until the end, he never stopped loving Evelyn.

“People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” – Dr. Max Waters on Dr. Will Caster while explaining the deaths of their comrades.

Yes, everyone is.  But Dr. Will… he just accepted that… and continued to invent.  He helped people who willingly came on his doorsteps.  He didn’t reject a single one of them.

The movie’s ending was so painful, up to the point where you still wanted to cry, but you can’t, ’cause their’s too much emotions, too much tears, to many heartaches that you can’t explain in a single sentence.  And I can’t even imagine myself as Dr. Max Waters, because if I do, I wouldn’t be able to live my life remembering that two of my friends died in front of me, just because they were misunderstood.

Well, as a consolation, at least Dr. Will Caster and Evelyn are still together in that garden they love.  

Didn’t get that?  Haha!  Well, good luck! Think! You can do it!  And once you realize what I was talking about, you’ll know what kind of ambivalent emotion I’m having right now. 🙂

Hands down on the team who created this wonderful movie.  Thanks for making a marvelous film.  And Johnny Depp, thanks for bringing Dr. Will Caster to life. 🙂


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