Moving On

In every heartbreak that we encounter, our friends would always be there, not just to cheer us up, but to always remind us to move on.  But actually, moving on is not really applicable to everyone.

Moving on is a big obstacle that we have to overcome after a heartbreak, especially if it’s your first one.  What I’m trying to say is… days, months, years or even a decade can’t heal a broken heart… not always.  Accepting that he won’t come back, or he will never chase after you, might be the only choice you have to get back on your feet and start a new life.

In some cases, you might want to lighten up your load and tell yourselves that you’ve already moved on.   But the truth is, you haven’t, really.  ‘Cause every time you see his face on the side bar of your facebook account, your heart aches.  And all you ever wanted to do is to tell him that you still love him, but damn him, he won’t come back to you ’cause he never loved you the way you loved him.  Life is unfair, even in love sometimes.

But you can’t just time him that, ’cause what kind of bastard is he?  He doesn’t deserve your love!  Wake up!  Yeah, I’m wide awake, but I still want to do that… ’cause love is blind.  And the more you do careless stuffs, the more it hurts.  But there’s actually no difference if you can control yourself like I can… ’cause it still hurts.  Well, love hurts anyway.

So what do you do to overcome that heartache and move on?  Don’t ask me, I don’t have the answer on that… ’cause if I do, I would’ve done it five years ago.  Well, the only thing that I can say is… moving on is not really applicable to everyone.  Sometimes, you just learn to love somebody else more than how you’ve love the other guy before.  You just learn to love yourself more than the way you’ve loved that stupid guy before.  Forgiveness if pretty hard to find if that guy really murdered your heart before.  And still have the guts to say that he has already moved on, way before you would.  And doesn’t want to chase after you because of some bullshit ideas he has on his empty brain.  You don’t deserve someone like him, and you know that, but the heart doesn’t have a mind, it just beats.  So don’t blame yourselves if you’ve got a pretty bad decision making.  You just have to learn to control yourself.  Keep your heart decision within you, and act the way your brain tells you to do.  Sometimes our brain cannot stop our heart, but that’s fine, a little mistake in life won’t be that bad… sometimes.  You just have to learn from your mistakes and stop, please stop!! doing them.

And hopefully, after a few hopeful thoughts, the knight in shining armor might find his way through our hearts.  Maybe his horse just ran away, or he was trapped on a heavy traffic, or he forgot to refill his gas, or *insert random reason here*.  It’s pretty boring to wait for a long time, ’cause if you are… you’re probably looking at the end of the road, but he’s actually right there in front of you, just waiting for you to recognize him.  Well, good luck, and hope our hearts would finally succeed on finding the right one. 🙂


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