Reasons Why I Can’t Finish My Novels

I am a novelist.  I work on romantic drama, romantic comedy, romantic action or anything with romantic story in it.  I used to do it in tagalog, simply because I’m not a good story teller in english. 🙂

Anyway, here are the reasons why I can’t finish my novels.  Yes, novelSSSSS, ‘coz I’ve got PLENTY!

1. No inspiration

Seriously.  I really need one.  After watching gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, I started collecting other people’s experience and trying to retell their story.  I’m also trying to base some of my characters to a real person… unfortunately as of now… I can’t.  Haha!

2. Super limited time

As in.  Every time I get my inspiration, my work (before it was school) schedule tends to be hectic.  I don’t know if my work can smell creativity on my novels.

3. Overloading ideas

There was a time when I got so excited on transferring my old novel (one of the lucky novels to be completed) to wattpad, at the same time, I was so inspired to continue my other novel… also… new ideas pushed me to make a new story.  So in the end, I wasn’t able to do anything ‘coz I don’t know what to give up.

4. No readers

I know I’m no pro when it comes to storytelling.  But that’s one of my passion… to tell stories through writing.  I’m no talkative girl whom you’d get to know my life story by just sitting beside me.  Apparently, not all of my close friends know much about me.  That’s why I put it on a novel.  Since I can’t finish much of my novels, I end up making the readers stop at a cliffhanger.  Eventually, when I’ve written the next part, they’re already not interested.  So please, bear with me… I need readers to be inspired.

5. Laziness

So here are some of my novels….

1. A Stroll with Her

Just a short story… actually I’m just planning to merge this with my other novel.

2. Ang Puting Dwende Ko

Supposedly I’m planning to make this DMnT’s prequel… but I wasn’t able to finalized the plot yet.

3. Black Hawk

An ongoing novel!  Unfortunately, I got new ideas for a new novel, so I got stuck on Chapter 3.

4. Dalawang Mundo ng Tao

One of the COMPLETED novels of mine.  The first version was just the plot.  The second one’s when I texted and sent it as a message to my classmate in college.  The third version is on my notebook.  The forth version can be read on wattpad.  I haven’t finished typing the whole story, but I’m almost done!

5. Dekadang Pangako

Supposedly this should be the last novel of my “untitled” series including Ang Puting Dwende Ko, Dalawang Mundo ng Tao, Getting Them Back Together and Shadow.  But I’m still working on the plot since it’s a time travel novel, so I really need to aligned the events.

6. Faking Lies

A short story based on my dream… and then I forgot what it’s all about… so I don’t know what to do with it.

7. Getting Them Back Together

My story.  Shhh… haha!  Most of the thoughts written here were really the things that I have before.  The past experience of the protagonist girl came from mine.  So basically, it’s really my life story.  Haha!  But the ending’s not the same, ‘coz I haven’t found mine yet.  So I just invented her happily ever after.

8. Ghostly Wedding

Ideas just poured over after watching the taiwanese horror comedy ghost boys.  Basically, this novel is about two best friends meeting two unlikely ghost.  It’s an ongoing novel.  But I find it hard to complete since I’m typing Dalawang Mundo ng Tao and making Black Hawk.  So I’m really having a hard time right now.  On the other hand, I’m also having rush projects on my work right now, so I’m going home late, tired, and when ideas comes over, I just tend to sleep with them.

9. Kalatas

I planned on merging this with Dekadang Pangako.

10. Niverna

My version of Narnia.  Haha!  It’s a trilogy based on my dream.  The first book is The Well of Truth and Fantasy.  The second one is Double Bladed Dragon, and the third would be… I forgot.  Haha!

11.  Papel Gunting Bato

I forgot how I started this novel, but I’m still working on the plot for this one, ‘coz I’m having a conflict of constraining the whole novel on a period of 2 years… I guess

12. Project 24

This novel is complete.  And it’s in english.  But I’m not good in english… so it’s kinda off to read.  But I really hope you can understand me.  Haha!  I posted it on tumblr.  Unlike Dalawang Mundo ng Tao with 30 chapters, Project 24 is exactly 24 chapters only.  Somehow, I made this one before the showing of Hunger Games.  Rest assured that I didn’t read the book.

13. Shì

Another completed novel.  I changed the title to Shì: Lupain ng mga Koute.  Don’t hesitate to read it ‘coz it’s just 8 chapters!  It’s on wattpad.

14. Silver Tulip

I got stuck on chapter 4.  It’s english.  I find it hard to continue ‘coz it’s a long story.  It’s about sea adventure.  The plot is not detailed yet, but that’s the funny thing about making an adventure novel… you just happen to write it down whenever you feel like it.

15. Ano na ba Kasi?

It’s a oneshot story, it’s on wattpad about a girl having the chance to change something about her past.

16. She Existed Obliviously

This story came to me when I was walking home, and a very cute and handsome guy was walking in front of me.  Hehe.  Anyway, it’s just a short story, so go read it on wattpad.  It’s written in english.  And somehow, I think it’s a letter written to someone who will not be able to read it.

17. Shadow

I’m planning to change the title of this novel… and I’m having doubts of continuing this ‘coz it’s just like Black Hawk… just a little bit different.  But I really need to make this one to make sense on Dekadang Pangako.

I’ve got plenty more in my cabinet, but most of them are untitled… and I’m too lazy to get up from here and check the titles of the other novels.  haha!

So, wish me luck!!!  I just really want to finish one of my major novels.


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