Save Me, Take Me!

I’m tired of doing my best and yet you always get scolded first thing in the morning and before you get home.  This ain’t school anymore.  This is supposed to be doing a good job and getting home with a big smile on your face because you weren’t harassed on the office nor underpaid.

You were a minimum wage earner but then you exert more than the effort you were being paid for.

I remembered reading this on facebook…

“We’re looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50-year old, the experience of a 40-year old, the drive of a 30-year old and the pay scale of 20-year old.”

I’m sure some of the newly grads here can relate to what I’m going to say… I admit not having a 50-year old wisdom.  ‘Coz I know you can’t read everything on books, you need experience.  And I also admit not having a 40-year old experience.  But damn it!  Don’t expect us to offer you these things!  It’s written all over our resume!  WE’RE-INEXPERIENCED!  Why do you keep on blurting out mad non-sense on our ears instead of imparting learning ideas for us to take your steps and provide you with better service?

We, young people, love to learn to make a brighter future for us.  I’m sure all of us wants to become bosses someday.  That’s why we wanted to learn today.  You won’t see us arguing with you ’cause we thought we’re wrong… and sometimes were are… but sometimes because it wasn’t taught in school and you were expecting us to be good with that… or sometimes because you told us to do plan A awhile ago and then ask us why we didn’t do plan Z.

It’s really frustrating.
You were not even complimented.  You were never told good words to ease your feelings and inspire you to do more.  You were only given sweet talk when they needed you to do a month’s job in one day. You don’t really have to bother about our drive… we’re still young.  You can convince us to exert more effort on doing our job with a few magical words like “good job!”  Seriously. A pay scale of a 20-year old… not good.  Seriously… there’s manpower shortage… everyday is a bit of a bad talk… lazy co-workers stab you on your back… you get most of your jobs undone due to lack of time… but you still get most of the work ’cause nobody will do that unless you do… and you still get the “your job attitude is bad and you don’t have the initiative” even though you were very diligent and passionate on your work.  And when you say you’re underpaid, your salary increase always gets blocked.

Sigh… You might be very lucky to get a pretty nice job with an uplifting work environment… or I’m just very miserable to think that the first ones super hell, and the second one’s I-think-this-is-a-pretty-nice-job-that-can-provide-me-with-good-experience-and-a-work-friendly-environment impression but realized I was taken for granted.

And you can’t rant to friends ’cause they don’t understand and they will just tell you that that’s life and you were just full of complaints.  And you can’t even tell this to your family ’cause you know they’ll get worried.  So damn it, I’ll just rant here on my blog!


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