Fallen Out of Love

Have you ever fallen out of love?

Well, I did… and he did… and some people did.

You might ask, is it really possible to fall out of love with someone you’ve really cherished for a very long time?  No.  ‘Cause you don’t really fall out of it.  You just simply love that person so much that you can finally see the right thing to do.  That finally, your heart is ready to listen to your mind.  And finally, your brain has won the battle of love.

For whatever reason you might tell him why you wanted to stop, even though you still love him so much, it won’t ease the pain of breaking up.  It’s funny ’cause even if you were the one who broke up, you will always be the one who will end up so hurt.  And you know that nobody would listen to you, ’cause you’ve chosen to be the villain here, but the truth is, you just wanted to save him the trouble.

The pain won’t go away if you decline to accept your faults and blame him all the heartaches you’ve created for yourself.  You might tell yourself that you’ve fallen out of love a long time ago, but trust me… that won’t suffice.  You have to accept that you truly love that person, even if he’s a jerk or not, even if he’s too much to handle or not, even if he’s standing on clouds and your’re not.

You don’t have to tell him the truth anyway, you just have to be honest with yourself.  You just have to literally state the real reason why you wanted to stop in front of the mirror.  Three times a day won’t suffice, continue doing this nonsense until you got tired from thinking about the pain and decided to move forward.

‘Cause loving him won’t stop you from progressing… it’s losing to yourself would.  You have to wake up and face reality.  You don’t have to wear that smiling mask everyday.  If you want to cry your heart out, go ahead.  Tears are also liquids, they dry up, too.  And when everything is finally fine, please, don’t drag yourself to your past again.

Live freely, step forward, make a goal for yourself, create a better life.  You are not limited to your past.  Your past is just an additional experience for your brighter future.  Don’t be afraid to move on.  ‘Cause someday, you will fall in love again, and when the right time and the right person comes… he might just fall in love with you as well.

So for now, cry.  Let those tears fall.  Let those rants be heard.  You don’t actually fall out of love… but you did.  And it’s totally fine.


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