Can’t Have You

So maybe if you could keep me

I can set myself free,

But you’ve got a lot of baggage

Two permanent luggage.

All I could do now is wish

That you have given me that kiss,

Wondering if you haven’t done that mistake

Maybe you are mine now to take.

Of all people why do I have to fall

In love with you with a single call,

‘Cause I hate to admit this feeling

With you having a different calling.

It’s not forbidden,

Since you’re already free then.

It’s not wrong,

‘Cause you’ve already ended the song.

But I can’t bring myself to claim

That side of yours, it’s no game,

All I want is that you’re not taken,

But taken or not now, I’m still forsaken.



The feeling of liking someone you couldn’t… shouldn’t… but did.


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