Don’t Give Up! Design!

Design001How long has it been since I last posted here?  Well, never mind that.  Haha!  I just want to share my extreme happiness over what happened earlier.

Well, before that, let me tell you the circumstances.  Earlier last week, we had a meeting with our client for our Clark Lounge Project.  Apparently, the big boss didn’t like the fact that the lounge was only a fourth of the whole site.  Well, that’s because the site is too small!  So he wanted it to get bigger.

So after the meeting, I tried to design one since my boss had a lot of things to do other than that project.  Though, that’s just the same for me.  I’m currently handling three projects right now, with one partner for one project and the other for the other one.  Apparently, I’m the lone soldier for Clark.

Anyway, so that’s what happened.  My boss’s son helped me with the flow of the lounge and how I should place my spaces.  Actually, I think I’m very stubborn with him.  Haha!  ‘Cause he was trying to make his design with a few schemes of boxes, I kind of still took my design and just incorporated a few from his.  And then I went to my boss for him to check.

After awhile, he said I should replan the Men’s CR.  So I did.  But I wasn’t finished yet when he approached me and said, “I’ve made the design, here, (and he handed me a piece of paper.) do this.”

So I really got pissed.  I didn’t apply here just to be an autocad operator, I wanted to be a designer!  Jeez!  I really wanted to rant all day that time.  But since I’ve got no time to complain and I can’t even tell this to my co-workers that time (since some were busy and I don’t think they’ll get me), I decided to do his design, and MINE.

Good thing I was so stubborn to continue my design and present it to my boss.  After that, he approves to bring two options for today’s meeting, one from him, and one from mine.  That time, I was praying that I could impress the client.  I wasn’t even hoping for my design to be chosen.  I just want it to be brought to the meeting just so I can bring myself to say, I did my best!  I didn’t give up!

The best part is, my design was the one chosen!  Yey!  I’m just so happy right now!  Congrats to my improved self!  If I were the person I was before, I think I’ve already given up my design.  Well, I think I’ve learned my lesson.  I’m so blessed.  We had a lot of revisions for the plan, but just minor ones.  But I’m so glad that my design had impressed them.  Thank You Lord for the guidance you’ve bestowed upon me.  I promise to do my best with my future designs.  🙂

So for those of you who felt like you’re not needed, DON’T GIVE UP!  There’s a good gold after a long period of mining. 🙂


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