A Detriment to a Good Heart

We all face problems and challenges everyday.  It’s inevitable actually.  Most problems causes headaches to the point of making your wonderful morning to a horrible long day.  And the worse part is… the problem didn’t start that morning… it started last night.

Some problems need a tactical solution… but some only need to be told to friends whom will give a listening ear.  Sometimes it’s enough.  But the problem is… do you have that friend right in front of you right now?  Of course not at all times.  Sometimes you still need to call them, text them or leave a message.  There were a few instances that you would reconsider on telling them your problem ’cause they were so happy and you’re afraid to pour misfortunes as well to their rainbow-colored life.

Yes, we rant.  We rant to our friends, our family, to random strangers, to blogs like this or even on facebook, twitter or other forms of social networking sites.  Sometimes we even write it on a diary.  But the problem with expressing your thoughts to a human body, we sometimes hesitate on telling all the details and we end up lying.

Rants that are exposed to the outside world are not all true… some maybe… but some seems to be incomplete.  The incomplete details that we don’t tell everyone are those that makes our good heart weak.  These are the emotions that linger in our heart which make our physical state frail.

Sadly… most of the reasons why we encounter these problems are because of the people around us.  Some may say that it’s because of their love stories… but these doesn’t occur only to that.  ‘Cause it can also be felt on our own household… and even on our work.

So please… PLEASE… be conscious of the people around you.  Try not to give stress to the people around you, especially to those who are important to you.  You may not know it now… but you might regret to know that you are one of the reasons why their health started to be unstable.


damn it.  I’m so pissed right now, sorry.

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