Friday the 13th wasn’t Really that Bad

Actually, I don’t really treat Friday the 13th as a day where all the bad things happen.  I only remind myself about the date when people around me say so.

Apparently, I think it’s all about how you look at the whole scenario.

I was stuck at our site for the whole day.  I went home late ’cause I had to make sure that everything’s all right before I leave.  My overtime is no longer paid.  And our pay day is postponed to an uncertain date.  Well, that’s unfortunate… but that’s fine.  Seriously.


‘Cause I get to spend my whole day with the best guys I can work with.  Yes, they might treat me as their “barkada”, they talk to me like I’m their friend not as their supervisor.  But that’s fine.  ‘Cause I get to laugh with them and they still do whatever I ask them to.  When it’s work, it’s work.  They teach me what to do, I give them decisions on how to solve things out.  They answer my questions and tell me what’s wrong on site.  They’re not afraid to inform me about the problems we have to encounter.  They also speak out their suggestions.

To be honest, I’m entirely happy yesterday.  If my body wasn’t this frail, perhaps I could have spent more hours than I had yesterday.  My feet were soaring since Thursday, and it’s always very tiring to spend a whole day on site.  Being the only girl there is a lot of work.  But exhausting myself there was all worth it.

I thank God for everything. 🙂


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