The Feeling is Mutual

So what does it feel like to have someone who feels the same way as you do?  The feelings are mutual!

Maybe we could have been so happy!  Maybe we should celebrate!

Ang hirap kayang makahanap ng taong pareho yung nararamdaman n’yo!

You could like him, he could like you, too.

You want to take him, he wants to take you, too.

But it can’t be.  ‘Cause he’s taken and you’re not.

All you can ever think of is, “I like you very much, but you’re taken, so no.”  And all he can ever tell you is that, “If I’m not taken, I would have made you mine.  But I’m not single.”

The feeling is mutual.  The yes‘s are there, but it always ends with a no.  The feeling is mutual.  You just want each other but you both know it shouldn’t work out… so the feelings are mutual.  You both knew, you both stopped, you both felt the emotions, and you both resisted doing what’s wrong, ’cause all that there is is that the feeling is mutual.


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