Stumbled Too Late

My heart aches, badly.

I just wanna scream out sadly.

I wanna cry, I wanna shout,

I wanna end this bullshit’s about.


I know it’s wrong, I know it’s not right

But I still wonder what might

So now, I ponder why

You needed to pass by.


I don’t need a wrongful affection

Just to reserve a second option,

I knew it from the very start

So why can’t I stop the beat of my heart?


This, I can’t suppress

You leave me breathless.

How you confessed,

Leaves a pain on the chest.


So here’s to reality,

And it hurts brutally.

We all know the facts,

And it still strikes like an axe.


Maybe I’m a hundred twenty months late

To meet you by fate,

Or you’re two decades earlier

To destroy this age barrier.


Or maybe I’m five years behind,

To stop your wedding bind,

But we stumbled too late,

To cast out what’s at stake.


And again I ended up

With the wrong person, so stop.

It wouldn’t be fair to pursue,

And it’s not what I deserve, I knew.


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