A Gift for an Architect

Ate, ano pwedeng iregalo sa isang Architect student? Yung useful para sa kanya 🙂

Para sa isang Architect student… hmm… you don’t have to give him/her anything related sa course n’ya, something personal like a slambook or compilation of messages would be awesome! pero kung gusto mo talagang magbigay ng something na magagamit n’ya sa pinili n’yang kurso, here’s a few suggestions…

-set of kurecolor

-faber castle color pencils/watercolor pencils

-set of unipins

-a set of watercolor

-books about architecture/interior design

-if he/she loves to go to site projects, you can give him/her extra pants. nakakaubos ng pantalon kapag pumupunta sa site, kailangan yung hindi magmumukhang maalikabok yung pantalon.

-sketchbook/notebooks na walang lines 😛

-planner (some of us badly need one, haha, mahirap maalala minsan ang mga dealines. It’s fine if the planner is a bit blank or plain, kami nang bahala, ma-d-drawing-an din namin yan, haha

-neck pillow (architecture is the college that never sleeps… actually, we do sleep naman… minsan nga lang kapag naabutan ng deadline, kahit saan na rin naaabutan ng tulog, haha)

-laptop cooler (kasi minsan kawawa naman si laptop, kasama naming nagpupuyat)

-wireless mouse

-a wonderful free admission for massage

-a free tour to somewhere stress-free or a place of great architecture

-lots and lots of food

-cd tutorial for some rendering programs

-a mug for late night coffee/hot choco drink

-earphones/headset for some late night soundtrip while finishing a plate

-alarm clock


You can also look for potential gifts on an architectural/engineering shop… where everything in there, along with the chocolates and all sorts of rulers and bags are being sold, are essential to an Architect’s life.

There’s a few along España Blvd. near UST.  There are lots of architectural/engineering shops there, go grab a gift and wrap it up!

Good luck! 🙂


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