To Jeremy

There was a time when I was still young… madalas akong pagsabihan na ‘wag makikipagkilala sa strangers, ‘wag makikipag-usap, ‘wag makikipagkaibigan.


I was fooled before, kasi hindi ako nakinig, buti na lang, bago makuha yung personal info ko, my parents borrowed my phone, so nung tumuwag ang loko, yung dad ko yung nakasagot, so that guy stopped.


But there was a time when I was desperate… desperate to move on, to dissolve the hatred and pain in my heart that I needed someone to talk to.  I didn’t ask for my friends, for some reason, I don’t want them to be involved with my heartache drama.


There was a guy, Jeremy, who texted me.  I forgot how it happened, what our conversations were exactly, but this guy didn’t ask for any personal info.  He just simply listened to my rants, problems and stories… and then he’d give advice.  I’m not sure if I told him my real name, I’m not sure as well if Jeremy is his real name.  The only sure thing I can remember is that I enjoyed his imaginary company.


But that friendship didn’t last long.  Perhaps there was a time when we didn’t have any more contact, no more stories to tell, I don’t remember.  After a few idle time, I think he texted again… but I already forgot about him.  I was only focused on keeping my life a secret, forgetting unimportant people in my life… and stop communicating with strangers.  Maybe that’s the reason why I ended texting him.  He was mad at first, but after that, the only thing I can remember is that he told me to find peace within so I can finally move on with my life and end my sorrows.  He was a good guy.


So to Jeremy who helped me before… I was too young at that time… too young perhaps to appreciate a stranger’s help.  I kind of browsed a few contacts on my phone and saw your number that’s why I remembered you.  So if ever you remember me… I just want to apologize for not being in contact and being afraid of you that you might be a bad person in real life.  I’m still afraid of you though.  But if it’s the Lord’s will that you may find me in the real world, I hope you’re a good person… and I hope we could be friends as well.  Thank you for your comfort during those times.


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