You either die young and become a hero, or live long enough to become a villain.

Aren’t you afraid of becoming bad?

You lived your life as a good person for a very long time now. Yes, you might have done a few mischievous things, you might have gotten yourself into trouble for some time, and you might have hurt a few people back then. But in every small scale of bad deed you’ve done, you were always shivering, always feeling guilty, always feeling down doing something you shouldn’t.

So what changed you? What happened that you decided to stop being good?

Were you so mad? Are you already tired of dealing with their shit? Are they too dense to appreciate your existence in their lives that they even treat you as a villain even before you decide to be one?

Yeah, I know, some people are just full of shit. Even though you’re the only real person left by their side, they treat you as some trash. That’s their nature.

So what happened to you?

You were still trying to be nice ’till the end right? But what happened?

You stopped caring. You stopped feeling guilt. You stopped feeling hatred. You threw away all your attachments and treated them as total strangers whom you’ll never befriend again.

And then you stopped being good. You built a shield around yourself so no one could ever hurt you again.That’s when you awakened the villain inside you.

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