You were not really someone I would fall head over heels.  I like you though, you’re good, you’re smart, you’re cute, too.  I’m really fine with the age difference… but as they say,

girls are more mature so you need to find a guy who’s older than you…

and that’s not you.

You’re a friend.  I know, we know, and that’s fine.  Nothing’s going on anyway.  But this dream… I don’t know why… but I’m bothered.

We were in a parking lot that time… and then I found some weird marks on the cars.

Yes… you wrote sweet things on the car dust.  A lot of them.

And then at the end of the parking lot… you posted a lot of post-it notes.

Colorful papers… colorful arrangements… colorful design.  And at the end of it… you wrote and asked me…

Can you be my girlfriend?”

and that moment… I knew I didn’t want to wake up yet.  I was excited by the fact that someone might have liked me again.  Funny ‘cause I didn’t see this coming.  It was all unexpected.  And I didn’t even thought about “us”.  But this dream… is so deceiving.  What’s up with that?

And now… I know there’s nothing in my heart… but why can’t I stop thinking about that dream?  About you?   I’m crazy perhaps.


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