I Wish You All The Best

Dear you,

Are you still reading my blog like before… (from a long long time before…)?  I’m writing it down here ’cause I don’t know if I still have the right to talk to you… after all the hatred I’ve poured down on you… I’ve finally felt it’s time to forgive and appreciate the little things we had before.

I’ve already said it in a million times already… that I’ve finally moved on… but that was I lie.  Because I just tried to forget about you and still kept hating you whenever I have the time.

But truthfully right now… I’m pretty much sure I’m done hating.

Thanks for loving me in the first place… I believe you did, and I believe we did love each other before.  It’s just that it didn’t work out in the middle, and I kept quiet about it so we ended up on our separate ways… with hatred on me… without ever hearing your side.

Thanks for the efforts… like how you thought about giving me food and water para sa meryenda.  That was actually sweet… nahiya lang ako kasi ayokong mapagastos ka.  Thanks for walking side by side with me when we’re going home, making sure I’m safe and wala ako sa side ng mga sasakyan.  Thanks for offering to take me home.

I was actually glad that time when you/I (I forgot who) forgot your/my umbrella… so you had to bring me home first before you could go.  Thanks for the times you always attempted to hold my hand, though we used to fail due to the static, haha!

Thanks for the moments when you went along with my friends to go on some tour.  We’ve made memories that time… I even wrote a blog about it… I just deleted them when I got so mad.  Sorry, I won’t be able to go back to those happy days… ’cause I’ve washed out all of the evidences I was happy before.  Hatred had consumed me.  You know that very well, and I’m sorry for loving you so much that I hated you more.

But thanks for being their during my birthday… to help me with the math project… hindi lang basta para kumopya ‘di gaya noong mga ibang pumunta para makikain lang at kumopya haha!  Thanks for being a gentleman at some ways… actually most of the time.  Thanks for being there for me… maybe not at all times I needed you the most… but thanks for the effort and everything.

Thanks for asking what color I’d wear on our grad ball so you could find a necktie with the same color.  Thanks for trying to be sweet most of the time.  Thanks for letting me know that I mean a lot to you.  Thanks for listening to my rants after all what has happened… wala ka nang obligasyon to hear my hatred since the day I left, pero you still listened to me and accepted everything.  Thanks for absorbing everything.

Thanks for trying to understand me in every way.  Thanks for letting me talk about the small things in life, letting me hear your stories, and being a part of me for a short period of time.

Thanks for the love, the miseries, the teardrops, and the hatred that had faded away… hopefully for good.  And I honestly wish you all the best.  Thank you.


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