The Loveless Butterfly

She first started as an ugly catterpillar
Everyone liked her because they knew she’d be something good sometime after a long time
She grew fond of their fake affections
Until she reached the cocoon stage.

She admired someone from a far
But gave up on the one sided admiration
Until she found another love
And got hurt in the end.

She became numb
And in every guy she encountered, she built a thick shell
She was supposed to be a butterfly by then
But she chose to hide her feelings and let them go.

She was fully aware of her surroundings
She’d know if you like her
But she’d push you away even though you have that 80% chance of going out
She was so afraid of leaving her cocoon.

Until today… until the day came, when she finally asked herself…
“Do you still know how to love?”
“Will you still be able to love?”
“Or are you so stuck in your comfort zone, your cocoon, that you don’t know yourself anymore?”

She was so bored that nobody bothered her silence
She was so annoyed when some random guy suddenly tried to peek in
She was devastated to think, whichever the case may be, that the closest guy she had right now may or may not want to be with her
She was loosing hope every passing day… that maybe someday… she’d forget she could fly because she’s a butterfly.

-Jane Han Poo

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