Expectations to Surprises

‘Wag mong gawin sa iba kung ayaw mong gawin din sa’yo.

Effective s’ya in a negative way. Pero kung kaya mo ginagawa ang isang bagay dahil gusto mo lang gawin din sa’yo ‘yon ng mga tao, ‘wag ka nang umasa.

People can never meet your expectations. Masasaktan ka lang. Besides, it’s a very weird reason to do good to others. Sanayin mo na ang sarili mong maging mabuti, pero may pusong bato.

Not everyone can appreciate you. That’s reality. Ang hirap ‘no?

The least people could do to you is bring you down. Kahit ga’no ka ka-helpful. Not everyone will look your way kahit ga’no ka kabait. So don’t linger to that idea of being good so that others would be good to you as well.

Villains are heroes who were not given the chance to be saved.

I heard it somewhere. And it’s true.

And you know what’s funny? People can never meet your expectations… but they can only surprise you with how they can save you in their own ways. Ironically, you should not wait to be saved, sometimes they don’t come… sometimes, you get tired of waiting and learned to save yourself instead. In that way, it’s in your hands now if you’d save your crying soul, or let those tears dry and be that villain you once hated.

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