The Queen of Silver

She was an orphan of some sort
Who lived with a farmer at north
Dug out a silver necklace
Had her neck its resting place.

In a cliche manner
A prince got her
Like a Cinderella story
She got out of the life of worry.

She was surrounded by gold
But she cherished the silver that’s old
The necklace brought her gifts
It was powerful in every bit.

She married the prince
And made friends since
Wore the queen’s crown
And went to befriend the next town.

The more gifts she received,
Because the silver charmed.
She met people and became friendly
Because of her wealthy personality.

But one by one
The people she knew were gone
Her friends ran away
But the gifts piled everyday.

Her king thought
The cursed necklace should be brought
Away from her,
She disagreed, didn’t waver.

Not until she got everything
But was widowed by that thing.
She lost everyone
Even her man.

She decided to go back
To the farm but there’s a lock
She was too late
The farmed had died to this date.

And then she realized
The silver had her mesmerized
While it killed everyone
Around her one by one.

The day she left the necklace
She was stabbed to the face.
That stained necklace was alone
The silver had killed everyone she’ve known.



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