Silence in Between Noises

It was a crazy night
Everyone was wasted
Probably not yet
But I had the best people in the house.

‘Till the lyrics starts firing
To my broken heart
That I pretended to be fine
That I was fixing slowly.

I was fine, really.
It wasn’t much of a big deal.
But when the group changed
I felt the silence in between noises.

They were all too loud
I wasn’t drunk
Not even a drop of alcohol
But I tend to see your face in them.

It was annoying
When I started thinking
About you again
‘Cause I thought I was done.

I thought I’m over
That only good memories were left
Well that’s true
But I started missing you again.

And the crowd started shouting
The speakers went berserk
But I can’t seem to hear a thing
And my feelings went back.

I wished you were here.
I wished you would sit beside me
Ask me to walk with you again
On a rainy night of no return.

I wish you’d take me back to my place
To my refuge, to my comfort zone.
I just wish you’d look at me
Like you used to, like you always do.

But you’re gone now.
You’re better off to a better place
Far away up in the sky
Where dreams are the only place I can be with you.

-Jane Han Poo

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