Vivid Nightmares

Have you ever dreamt of something so scary that it felt so real? Come to think of it, I’ve crossed a question on social media which asks “What’s the worst thing that happened to you in your dream?”
When I was a small kid, everytime I get a fever I always have these two types of dreams. One of which was just butterflies… circling around me. I remember my mom screaming in panic one time ’cause she saw me getting up from bed and staring at nowhere. She told me that I suddenly swayed my hand left to right slowly…’till faster and faster. She immediately hugged me and yelled out loud to call my dad to get cold compress for my head. I was burning hot due to my fever. But what I was seeing was just a cute butterfly in front of me, so I tried to catch it. Maybe that was when I swayed my hand.
The other dream I had when I was having a fever before was not as simple as this. It was scary for a kid like me. I dream of my grandma’s house. I was always at the 2nd floor, family area… where a man with muscular body covered in black ink or dirt or oil. He was so mad, angry, hostile… sinister. He was lifting a wrecked car and was always threatening to crush me with it.
I’m a sickly kid before. So imagine my frustrations on having these dreams every time I had fever. I don’t know when it stopped, but I can still remember the fear.
There was also a time when I dreamt of a crocodile who entered our house while we were sleeping. I didn’t know it was just a dream since I also woke up in my dream! That vicious animal wanted to munch us badly that when it caught me I was having adrenaline rush. I tried to prevent it from chewing me, at any means possible. And when it forced its teeth down, I suddenly woke up.
Another weird nightmare was a zombie apocalypse where my family members were trying to eat me and I had to stab their heads. And that’s not the worst part. Most of my head stabbing scenes always slipped to the side of the head since the skull is so hard. So they always almost killed me until I woke up. Haha!
So what’s your vivid nightmare?

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