Unstable in Red

I hate emotionally unstable days Where I cry randomly at nights, Sadness creeps in happy moments Squeezing in behind smiles. The small changes bears a lot Sobs echo in empty rooms, It looks all bad when I look back On things I unintentionally said. It felt alone in a crowd But I still hope I [...]


Us, kids, came up with a reasonable checklist. It started with her sweet morning alarmConcealed smiles, secret laughters behind the lense, Totally glued to his visual conversations. Behind all, ended with his lovely lullabyConstant storytelling under the blankets, See how she had dreamt of their possibilities But I guess she was a little bit denser [...]

Small World

Thank you. This is what pulls me back to sanity. The appreciations I get for being born, and being a little blessing to people.I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to contribute. I have a lot of things I wanted, material things that I don't really like asking from people around meā€¦ 'coz [...]