Laughing Violently

Been saving up for the whole year But ended up using it for education It was all good at first Not until the 5 digits of saving turns to three. It was all good that weekend When they decided to argue And then he started banging his head And I witnessed how he almost killed [...]


It's good to see people Smirk at themselves When they thought of something That made their lives well. It's crazy and funny But it also latches to others Who would see them As you pass by. I can see their faces Smiling, glowing Even with the slightest movement Of their lips shows happiness. Like I [...]

Gabi Nang Paglimot

Mahalin mo s'ya Sa mga naging masasayang alaala n'yo, Dahil alam ko Doon ka naging maligaya. Mahalin mo s'ya Sa mga pagkakataong kayo lang ang magkausap, 'Pagkat alam ko Mas naging kumportable ka. Ngunit hanggang doon na lang. Dahil matapos ang lahat nang pinagsamahan n'yo, Niloko ka pa rin n'ya. Naglihim pa rin s'ya. Lahat [...]