Vivid Nightmares

Have you ever dreamt of something so scary that it felt so real? Come to think of it, I've crossed a question on social media which asks "What's the worst thing that happened to you in your dream?" When I was a small kid, everytime I get a fever I always have these two types [...]

To 4am

Been consistently waking up to 4am lately. Actually, not just 4am, but 3am also. Sometimes 5, when I don't need to. I was bothered. It's so hard to fall asleep again and wake up to my right alarm after a few minutes. My dad knew about it, so he asked, "maybe you were thinking of [...]

Sa Dulo Ng Masaya

Bakit ka ba masaya ngayon? Palangiti sa umagang iyon Sino ba ang nakita mo? S'ya ba'y nakakwentuhan mo? Ibinahagi ba n'ya ang ngiting matamis Na madalas din n'yang suotin nang labis? Nag-away nanaman ba kayo At kinilig ka sa kanyang pagsuyo? Naitama na ba ang pagkakamali Imposible 'di ba? Kahit na anong pilit Hindi naman [...]

Let Me Save Him

It was so nice to know When people change for the better because of you, But it could've felt better If I only saved you. The wounds you left Stopped bleeding inside, But remained scars A trauma that needed saving. I told myself I wouldn't write anymore, Guess after all that had happened I finally [...]

The Loveless Butterfly

She first started as an ugly catterpillar Everyone liked her because they knew she'd be something good sometime after a long time She grew fond of their fake affections Until she reached the cocoon stage. She admired someone from a far But gave up on the one sided admiration Until she found another love And [...]