Christmas Miracles

Remember when you read the miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes in the bible? Perhaps you've heard the story from the priest in your church. This time, let me share my kind of experience. Long before the annual family Christmas party, we were actually planning to do some games. Since we're having a bit [...]

A Gift for an Architect

Ate, ano pwedeng iregalo sa isang Architect student? Yung useful para sa kanya ­čÖé Para sa isang Architect student... hmm... you don't have to give him/her anything related sa course n'ya, something personal like a slambook or compilation of messages would be awesome! pero kung gusto mo talagang magbigay ng something na magagamit n'ya sa [...]

DIY Paperclip Design

Hi!  Since paperclips are too mainstream... a little decor will add enthusiasm to it.So let's get started! :)First, you need your materials.Sewing KitScissorsRulerRibbons (2 ribbons, about 6 inches long, any width will do.)PaperclipGlue stickGlue gunNow you're ready! Let's do the sewing first.  Make sure you don't prick your fingers!Sew both ends of the ribbon together [...]