I am that Girl

I am that girl,Who hated parties and large gatherings.I still went though,But it never changed, I still hated it.I am that girl,Who went to the party and danced on one spot,Tried to enjoy every beat of the songs I know,Not until they mentioned what shouldn't be.I am that girl,Who stood up in the middle of [...]

Life in a month

In all those circumstances I had to go through, I forgot that this blog was actually my safe haven. That whenever I felt lost in words to say, I have my life in written words. I got distracted lately because of something that I learned recently. It was making me a bit irritable and senseless, [...]

Bakit best friend lang? (Why are you stuck at being best friends?)

So, people had been asking me lately a series of questions regarding my relationship with my guy best friend whom I had known since 1st year high school way back 2005. In all honesty, I was trying to avoid these questions 'cause I find it hard to give an answer for the both of us [...]

Yeah. I f*ckin’ hate my life at moments like this.

When you're so damn tired from work, and you're having emotional breakdown on everything because you're emotionally unstable, especially during red days, and that's today, and you feel like you're defeated in everything, and nobody wants to listen, like 'cause no one's asking 'cause they don't actually know what's going on in your life, in [...]