Life in a month

In all those circumstances I had to go through, I forgot that this blog was actually my safe haven. That whenever I felt lost in words to say, I have my life in written words. I got distracted lately because of something that I learned recently. It was making me a bit irritable and senseless, [...]

I Wish You All The Best

Dear you, Are you still reading my blog like before... (from a long long time before...)?  I'm writing it down here 'cause I don't know if I still have the right to talk to you... after all the hatred I've poured down on you... I've finally felt it's time to forgive and appreciate the little [...]

Para sa mainit na summer

Ate anong pwede ngayong bakasyon Haha. I was really planning to answer this question shortly... unfortunately, ang daming pumasok sa isip ko, haha!  So here are the few gags my mind thought about late at night. 😀 *bumili ng halu-halo, kaso mag-ingat, mainit sa labas. *mag-aral para sa next pasukan, kaso mag-ingat, uso ang nakakalimot [...]