Define your 2019 2019 had taught me that there's always a sunshine after the rain. Not just a rainbow, but really... a sunshine. Because the sun is always there. When it's night, you're just not facing it. When it rains, it's just hiding behind the clouds. But it had always been there, same with happiness [...]

Too Much

Don't know if there's just too much overthinking... or there's just too much on my plate. Don't know if my problems are just too small, or I'm just too afraid to talk about them. Some people are just gossip friendly, some are just curious, and for some... I don't want them to feel burdened. There's [...]

Bakit best friend lang? (Why are you stuck at being best friends?)

So, people had been asking me lately a series of questions regarding my relationship with my guy best friend whom I had known since 1st year high school way back 2005. In all honesty, I was trying to avoid these questions 'cause I find it hard to give an answer for the both of us [...]