The List

Having a pretty toxic environment makes your day depressing. It's really hard to sleep at night when you feel all the negativity in your skin and you can't find a way to wash it off. So, it's really a blessing to have someone to tell your tales. And I want to dedicate this as an [...]

Promises Left Undone

To guitar and humidifier, What did we ever together desire? There's a very small common ground for us three, But lots of unique things for two, you see, Don't get mad when I don't say everything, The topics I could share, I'm still gauging, One would be willing to listen but, the other one would [...]

Bakit best friend lang? (Why are you stuck at being best friends?)

So, people had been asking me lately a series of questions regarding my relationship with my guy best friend whom I had known since 1st year high school way back 2005. In all honesty, I was trying to avoid these questions 'cause I find it hard to give an answer for the both of us [...]