A kind soul who observes keenly Mysterious like a less travelled alley The talents stored, hope you realize A living literary art on distinct locks You're a comrade who keeps an oath A keeper where my secret looms Tho I may have something that I regret The first piece dedicated was apology Ergo, let me [...]


I dare you, To look into the abyss The ambivalent seed Which sprouted unwillingly. The truth behind silence Will be hidden from your eyes But was unintentionally shown To the gathered presence. And as I walk to the depths of the forest I was stuck in the middle Thinking if there's a leap of faith [...]

Christmas Miracles

Remember when you read the miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes in the bible? Perhaps you've heard the story from the priest in your church. This time, let me share my kind of experience. Long before the annual family Christmas party, we were actually planning to do some games. Since we're having a bit [...]