Look at Me, I’m Smiling

There were plenty of moments in life where I wear this thing so called "smile" and fool everyone that everything about me is "fine". It hurts me that sometimes, people don't ask how you are. But it scares me the most when they ask 'cause I might bore them on my stories. Sometimes they may [...]


Christmas Miracles

Remember when you read the miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes in the bible? Perhaps you've heard the story from the priest in your church. This time, let me share my kind of experience. Long before the annual family Christmas party, we were actually planning to do some games. Since we're having a bit [...]

The Loveless Butterfly

She first started as an ugly catterpillar Everyone liked her because they knew she'd be something good sometime after a long time She grew fond of their fake affections Until she reached the cocoon stage. She admired someone from a far But gave up on the one sided admiration Until she found another love And [...]

Ligaw na Hustisya

Para sa mga malalakas ang sikmura Walang awang pumapatay ng pangarap Mga mata at tenga n'yo ba'y nakasara? Nilugmok ang bayang ito sa paghihirap. Nasaan ang puso, nalimutan na nga ba? Nasaan ang pighati, bakit nawawala? Nasaan ang hustisya, bilanggo na rin ba? Ibinaon na sa limot, maging ang awa. Bakit ang sakit, sa bayan [...]