Remember the last time I listened to these songs? They still remind me of you That's why I stopped playing them My guitar got rusted Over the year of pain But I still remember your face Smiling at me I forgot why we ended I got confused of my feelings If what really lingered at [...]



I keep wanting for more, More conversations, More words, More time together. Even though I can't breathe Every time you talk to me, My hands were shaking Through all the words you left me. I keep asking for more, More answers, More love, More gazing at each other. Even though I'm terrified To know more [...]

The Last Beat of Yesterday

I guess you were my alternate gender Someone who lived on an alternate universe Somewhere I only dreamt of And then our worlds collide. Remember the Upside Down movie? When you ate the pink honey And we shared joyous adventures To the point of thinking there was no return. We both felt the changing of [...]

Bakit best friend lang? (Why are you stuck at being best friends?)

So, people had been asking me lately a series of questions regarding my relationship with my guy best friend whom I had known since 1st year high school way back 2005. In all honesty, I was trying to avoid these questions 'cause I find it hard to give an answer for the both of us [...]