Hard To Love

Innocence and desire, I loathe how I've known romanceLove hid behind dire, hesitated but took the chanceOverwhelmed but still hopeful, always chose the one, selfless but trueValentine, why did hatred rule, tasted aloneness in rendezvousEternity's short-lived, ephemeral everywhereY'all believed, but feelings deceived, yet we craved, loverOwned melancholy, out of stock for everlasting blissfulnessUntied the chains, [...]

2 Days Before

You cannot even look straight at meIt took two days before Christmas for me to forsee,You've chosen to redeem yourself to justifyWhen you've momentarily delivered your goodbye.Day and night, you've made me insomniacStill, you should've gone by then, you shouldn't have came back,I am tired of trying to understandThe every bit of cruelty you have [...]

Mga Tanong Na Hindi Ko Itatanong Sa Iyo

Ganoon ba ako kadaling tiisin Para hindi mo ako pansinin? Sa haba nang pinagsamahan Saglit lamang ba akong kinalimutan? Gaano ba ako kahirap kausapin? Gaano ba ako kahirap akapin? Madali bang hayaan akong lumayo At panuorin ako mula sa malayo? Maling akala ba ang lahat? Mga bulung-bulungan nila'y 'di dapat. Ako ba'y tuluyan nang lilisan [...]