Door to Mind

I shut off myself from the real world Got indulged in place Where only happiness can be seen A world with an idol From morning 'til night That's the only thing I had Until I met you Technically, it wasn't you Who barged in It was them who pushed you Through my door and locked [...]


Strawberry Kisses

I dreamt of you talking to me Wasting time laughing Giggling 'cause no one's watching I knew it was all in my mind So I tried so hard not to wake up I didn't want to see how reality was so hard on me That you will never be mine after all. But no matter [...]

Yeah. I f*ckin’ hate my life at moments like this.

When you're so damn tired from work, and you're having emotional breakdown on everything because you're emotionally unstable, especially during red days, and that's today, and you feel like you're defeated in everything, and nobody wants to listen, like 'cause no one's asking 'cause they don't actually know what's going on in your life, in [...]

Librong Nabubulok Sa Bangin

Sa dami ng 'yong damdamin Nakakubling mga pasaring Tila'y librong nabubulok sa gitna ng bangin Laman na pag-ibig saan ibabaling? Itinanggi ng buwan ang 'yong pag-abot Katunayan, sa pag-akay mo nga ika'y natakot Baka manatili kang nakalutang na walang kumot 'Akapin na lamang ng lungkot. Unti-unti na nga bang nawawala Ang pagsintang ikinabahala? Nawalan na [...]