The List

Having a pretty toxic environment makes your day depressing. It's really hard to sleep at night when you feel all the negativity in your skin and you can't find a way to wash it off. So, it's really a blessing to have someone to tell your tales. And I want to dedicate this as an [...]


The mysteries were unraveled But codes or none, they were granted, This once a year event made me excited The moon shaped in every bite I accepted. Every present was unique Even the sun surrounded by pink, In a wallet, the smell of strawberry is meek I hope it stays for more than a week. [...]

Small World

Thank you. This is what pulls me back to sanity. The appreciations I get for being born, and being a little blessing to people.I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to contribute. I have a lot of things I wanted, material things that I don't really like asking from people around meā€¦ 'coz [...]


- Lasting for a limited time.Parties with drinks had never been my comfort zone. But adulting pushed me to laugh with the group of people I'm with, just so to avoid being the kj. It was funny at that certain moment, but it never lasted, it was funny, but it was never enjoyable.Happiness last long, [...]

I Never Wanted to Be a Hero

Hey everyone!!! I would just like to share to you a good novel I've been reading on wattpad. If you want some sci-fi teenage action, then you're on the right page! Just click on the link: I personally know the author, and he's a good story teller! Leave some comments and give out stars [...]