The Last Beat of Yesterday

I guess you were my alternate gender Someone who lived on an alternate universe Somewhere I only dreamt of And then our worlds collide. Remember the Upside Down movie? When you ate the pink honey And we shared joyous adventures To the point of thinking there was no return. We both felt the changing of [...]


So, I was asked to write another blog entry about the recent happenings but I can't find the inspiration to make poems. So I just made a spider-man drawing. Guess that's the difference between being happy and being sad. A different form of art comes out. Well, how'd I do? Ps. I'm happy 😁

Sometimes ‘Wasted’ is Not the Appropriate Word

I was having this urge to right these thoughts down before... or maybe I already did, but I still want to talk about this "finding your dream job on the right company" thing... just because I watched The Devil Wears Prada. I had been consistently saying these to my friends, that if you are not happy [...]

Para sa mainit na summer

Ate anong pwede ngayong bakasyon Haha. I was really planning to answer this question shortly... unfortunately, ang daming pumasok sa isip ko, haha!  So here are the few gags my mind thought about late at night. 😀 *bumili ng halu-halo, kaso mag-ingat, mainit sa labas. *mag-aral para sa next pasukan, kaso mag-ingat, uso ang nakakalimot [...]

Loki is <3

Just watched Thor 2 awhile ago.  And now... I'm so in love with Loki. =))  Sorry Chris Hemsworth, you know I love you too... but Thor 2 just made me... uhhhh, whyyy?! =))Super cool kasi ng character ni Loki e, pa-joke. haha!  Ang comedy ng dating n'ya.  Lahat na lang may comment s'ya."You just decapitated [...]