The List

Having a pretty toxic environment makes your day depressing. It's really hard to sleep at night when you feel all the negativity in your skin and you can't find a way to wash it off. So, it's really a blessing to have someone to tell your tales. And I want to dedicate this as an [...]


- Lasting for a limited time.Parties with drinks had never been my comfort zone. But adulting pushed me to laugh with the group of people I'm with, just so to avoid being the kj. It was funny at that certain moment, but it never lasted, it was funny, but it was never enjoyable.Happiness last long, [...]

Unfinished Stanzas

I miss myself Spending time on the stairs Talking like others were not there Constantly thinking of reasons to stay- I miss myself Walking on this hallway Guessing which room to open Finding a comfortable seat to waste the time- I miss myself Pretending to be uninterested But I tried to push it through And [...]

Mga Tanong Na Hindi Ko Itatanong Sa Iyo

Ganoon ba ako kadaling tiisin Para hindi mo ako pansinin? Sa haba nang pinagsamahan Saglit lamang ba akong kinalimutan? Gaano ba ako kahirap kausapin? Gaano ba ako kahirap akapin? Madali bang hayaan akong lumayo At panuorin ako mula sa malayo? Maling akala ba ang lahat? Mga bulung-bulungan nila'y 'di dapat. Ako ba'y tuluyan nang lilisan [...]