Do you still remember the days we were together? Those days when we seemed to be in cloud 9... those moments we cherished being next to each other. Do you still remember those moments when we're hurt to know we have others we like? And just then... you decided to pull the strings, I was [...]


Expectations to Surprises

'Wag mong gawin sa iba kung ayaw mong gawin din sa'yo. Effective s'ya in a negative way. Pero kung kaya mo ginagawa ang isang bagay dahil gusto mo lang gawin din sa'yo 'yon ng mga tao, 'wag ka nang umasa. People can never meet your expectations. Masasaktan ka lang. Besides, it's a very weird reason [...]

A Different Guy

You remind me of him The way you smell The fate that brought us together You remind me of him. You were talking about your ex's While I stand still contemplating Knowing I don't have one So I just listened. But you know what's funny? 'Cause everytime you talk about them I'm living the life [...]

Shifted Feelings in Red

Tell me how You can change your mind, In just a few days Your feelings changed. Tell me how Different you felt, From before to now The way you see things at the moment. 'Cause after looking at the mirror Only the red days changed, But your whole world shifted Crooked, uneven, crumbled. You might [...]