Unstable in Red

I hate emotionally unstable days Where I cry randomly at nights, Sadness creeps in happy moments Squeezing in behind smiles. The small changes bears a lot Sobs echo in empty rooms, It looks all bad when I look back On things I unintentionally said. It felt alone in a crowd But I still hope I [...]

Unfinished Stanzas

I miss myself Spending time on the stairs Talking like others were not there Constantly thinking of reasons to stay- I miss myself Walking on this hallway Guessing which room to open Finding a comfortable seat to waste the time- I miss myself Pretending to be uninterested But I tried to push it through And [...]

Mga Tanong Na Hindi Ko Itatanong Sa Iyo

Ganoon ba ako kadaling tiisin Para hindi mo ako pansinin? Sa haba nang pinagsamahan Saglit lamang ba akong kinalimutan? Gaano ba ako kahirap kausapin? Gaano ba ako kahirap akapin? Madali bang hayaan akong lumayo At panuorin ako mula sa malayo? Maling akala ba ang lahat? Mga bulung-bulungan nila'y 'di dapat. Ako ba'y tuluyan nang lilisan [...]

The Last Beat of Yesterday

I guess you were my alternate gender Someone who lived on an alternate universe Somewhere I only dreamt of And then our worlds collide. Remember the Upside Down movie? When you ate the pink honey And we shared joyous adventures To the point of thinking there was no return. We both felt the changing of [...]

Yeah. I f*ckin’ hate my life at moments like this.

When you're so damn tired from work, and you're having emotional breakdown on everything because you're emotionally unstable, especially during red days, and that's today, and you feel like you're defeated in everything, and nobody wants to listen, like 'cause no one's asking 'cause they don't actually know what's going on in your life, in [...]

Librong Nabubulok Sa Bangin

Sa dami ng 'yong damdamin Nakakubling mga pasaring Tila'y librong nabubulok sa gitna ng bangin Laman na pag-ibig saan ibabaling? Itinanggi ng buwan ang 'yong pag-abot Katunayan, sa pag-akay mo nga ika'y natakot Baka manatili kang nakalutang na walang kumot 'Akapin na lamang ng lungkot. Unti-unti na nga bang nawawala Ang pagsintang ikinabahala? Nawalan na [...]

A Different Guy

You remind me of him The way you smell The fate that brought us together You remind me of him. You were talking about your ex's While I stand still contemplating Knowing I don't have one So I just listened. But you know what's funny? 'Cause everytime you talk about them I'm living the life [...]