The Queen of Silver

She was an orphan of some sort Who lived with a farmer at north Dug out a silver necklace Had her neck its resting place. In a cliche manner A prince got her Like a Cinderella story She got out of the life of worry. She was surrounded by gold But she cherished the silver …


Rowena to Dylan

To my friends, Sarah and Maylene... yes... they know, and still know... that I still like you all along.  No matter how I boast to them that I'm over... they know.  You're my first love after all. It was a joke at first.  Seriously.  I didn't expect it to turn out this way.  I had …

Hibernate for Love

Because I'm having a "study-lag" right now... I don't even know if there's such a word!  Haha!  Anyway... that's why I have chosen to write something down to ease my daydreams.  Hope you'd like it. It's just a short-story. Click here: Hibernate for Love You'll be directed to wattpad. 🙂

Birth of the Galaxy: Earth Salvation

For those of you who wants to read an action packed adventure with a sci-fi experience, I've got one good book for you. Birth of the Galaxy: Earth Salvation Though the updates might take look, but it's worth the wait. Just read.  And tell me what you think.

Dalawang Mundo ng Tao

Hi everyone!  Tapos ko na pong itype ang Dalawang Mundo ng Tao sa wattpad.  Kindly click here to read my novel. Sana po magusuhan n'yo. 🙂 -FrustratedWriterHere

When She Departed

Funny how things were very unclear.  It all happened five years ago... when the rain stopped pouring, the clouds forgot to block the sun, tears were needed to take a courageous step, and goodbye became the only reason to see tomorrow.  The pain is inevitable.  It kept crawling back.  After all the things that were …