I Never Wanted to Be a Hero

Hey everyone!!! I would just like to share to you a good novel I've been reading on wattpad. If you want some sci-fi teenage action, then you're on the right page! Just click on the link: https://my.w.tt/DqQJx8VhR6 I personally know the author, and he's a good story teller! Leave some comments and give out stars [...]

Hibernate for Love

Because I'm having a "study-lag" right now... I don't even know if there's such a word!  Haha!  Anyway... that's why I have chosen to write something down to ease my daydreams.  Hope you'd like it. It's just a short-story. Click here: Hibernate for Love You'll be directed to wattpad. 🙂

Para sa mainit na summer

Ate anong pwede ngayong bakasyon Haha. I was really planning to answer this question shortly... unfortunately, ang daming pumasok sa isip ko, haha!  So here are the few gags my mind thought about late at night. 😀 *bumili ng halu-halo, kaso mag-ingat, mainit sa labas. *mag-aral para sa next pasukan, kaso mag-ingat, uso ang nakakalimot [...]

Chocolate Flavored Kiss, the making

I'm truly very sorry reviewers!!!  Nawili kasi akong magsulat, sorry.  Haha!  Supposedly, short story lang s'ya, pero shocks!  'Di ko akalaing magiging novel din s'ya.  Malapit na n'yang abutin yung haba ng Dalawang Mundo ng Tao.  Haha!  Well... here's the prologue for starters.  I'm gonna post this on wattpad after I finish the whole story [...]