Let Me Know

Let me know how long you can endure, Not having the walks we leisure. The way you smile With those shining eyes, I hope you knew The impact you do. Let me know how long it can take, Not having the talks we don't fake. That deep voice Never seemed to be a noise, Though [...]



You were not really someone I would fall head over heels.  I like you though, you’re good, you’re smart, you’re cute, too.  I’m really fine with the age difference… but as they say, girls are more mature so you need to find a guy who’s older than you… and that’s not you. You’re a friend. [...]

I Love You Best Friend?

This would be a perfect chance for you to listen to this song while reading this blog entry. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5fT7uvpZOo masama bang ma fall sa bestfriend? Apparently, this is the question I got on ask.fm and before I decided to answer the query... I needed an intense research.  Chos.  Haha!  Because to be honest, I'm not [...]

Reasons Why I Can’t Finish My Novels

I am a novelist.  I work on romantic drama, romantic comedy, romantic action or anything with romantic story in it.  I used to do it in tagalog, simply because I'm not a good story teller in english. 🙂 Anyway, here are the reasons why I can't finish my novels.  Yes, novelSSSSS, 'coz I've got PLENTY! [...]