Mabuhay! It’s nice to see you!


I prefer to be called Jane Han Poo with this blog.

But if you know me personally, then it’s fine to call me by my name.

I’m a girl who lives in a planet where water is more abundant than land.


I am a fan of music in different genres.

I am a lover of different art forms, the reason why I’m an architect in the making right now.


I once took shelter from different schools, name it, and I might have been there.

Neh, just kidding.

I went from Mother Care Learning School to St. Thomas More School to Margarita Roxas de Ayala Elem. School to Manila Science High School and finally to University of Santo Tomas.  So if ever you think I can help you with your student life, I can only offer words of wisdom.  I might also warn you that I’m an introvert, haha, so I don’t know much about admin things within these schools, I can only share my experiences.


I’m an inconsistent blogger who tells tales about my daily groove.

I share random stories and spread different advice for the worried creatures.


You are free to roam around as you please.

Forgive my grammar for I am no professional.

And sometimes, my hands type faster than I can comprehend, that’s why typographical errors linger around here.


Improvements through suggestions are very much welcomed here.


For those who wish to request a topic for my blog, you can leave it here as a comment or go to my to drop your topic anonymously.

I am pleased to welcome you to my curious mind, mysterious life and unfamiliar blog.


  1. Uy, Jooo! May blog ka palang ganito. I admire your contents, napaka-intellectual mo talagang tao. Nakakahiya kasi puro kawalwalan lang yung sakin. Hahaha! Wag ka sanang maki-creep out if I like some of your old posts. Keep writing!!!


    1. haha, sabi na e, ‘di mo alam na ako kasi iba name. haha, nag-like na ‘ko dati ng post mo e. =))
      anyway, uy, grabe naman, haha! random things lang mga post ko dito, poems and kung anu-anong anik anik. haha! Actaully, I like your blog, sarap tumambay. haha!


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