Mabuhay! It’s nice to see you!

Hi!  My pen name is Jane Han Poo.  You can guess how I ended up with that name.

This blog depicts some pieces of my life, you are welcome to roam around and tell your thoughts.  I often give advice in this blog by sharing my experiences.  I also create art works and poems.  So if you want to suggest anything, just leave me messages or anonymously ask me on my .

God bless you visitor!

I am pleased to welcome you to my curious mind, mysterious life and unfamiliar blog.

Architect | Master Plumber | Artist | Blogger

Believer of God.

2 thoughts on “Mabuhay! It’s nice to see you!

  1. Uy, Jooo! May blog ka palang ganito. I admire your contents, napaka-intellectual mo talagang tao. Nakakahiya kasi puro kawalwalan lang yung sakin. Hahaha! Wag ka sanang maki-creep out if I like some of your old posts. Keep writing!!!

    1. haha, sabi na e, ‘di mo alam na ako kasi iba name. haha, nag-like na ‘ko dati ng post mo e. =))
      anyway, uy, grabe naman, haha! random things lang mga post ko dito, poems and kung anu-anong anik anik. haha! Actaully, I like your blog, sarap tumambay. haha!

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